About Us

  • Saffron Choral PROMPT offers a unique series of recordings to help singers learn their parts, created by Quintus Benziger.
  • Each individual recording features a separate voice-part (eg. 2nd Alto, 1st Bass) of a particular choral work, in English or the original language.
  • The voice-part is sung at normal speed, with a piano accompaniment including helpful cues from other parts.
  • Difficult music passages are presented again at the end, at a slower speed, with hints on how to practise them. Some works are presented in an alternative format, with the voice-parts played rather than sung.

Our current catalogue includes over 1,500 choral works and is online here.

"Your CDs are such a joy to work with; you are making music-making all the merrier!"
MN, Germany

"Hearing the words sung makes such a difference."
Blind Singer, Ireland

"Delighted with your superb service and product."
Mrs T, Hertford

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